Raysafe Workwear was established over 22 years ago to manufacture a new and growing demand of Sun Protective Clothing for Industrial and Retail customers. Raysafe has driven innovation in the field of textile development and garment manufacture with new fabrics and clothing styles and continues to do so, with the principal’s 46years experience in the industry. High Visibility ,Heat Stress Management and Transit Safety products have followed .Our company not only supplies these specialized products ,but takes the lead in establishing them in the various area’s of use through consultation with Government, Unions, Industry Groups and Scientific Research Bodies.


Sun Protection: Pioneer’s in Sun Protection textiles and clothing, establishing and using the Ultraviolet Protection Classification system (UPF) before it was adopted by the Australian Standard 4399:2017. Advising the standards committee members whether the testing methodology should be on skin (now known as SPF ratings) or off skin (now known as UPF ratings), using our vast experience in textile research to evaluate this question. Operating one of the first scientific UPF test machines and assisting in the development of appropriate software to accommodate textile testing. Consultation with the FDA in the USA to have testing methodology changed so industry could more easily and accurately have textiles tested for exposure of their products in the market. Extensive research and development of textiles then followed to create fabrics that had the highest UPF ratings so the user of such clothing could have maximum protection from solar radiation. Before this, people did not know ,understand or have at their disposal , correct clothing to protect them, after our introduction into the market ,they did have these products. All Sun Protective garments display the level of protection (UPF) on the garment labels-as we have been doing even before an official standard was released.

High Visibility: Pioneer’s in High Visibility through textile development and new dyeing techniques. This made it possible for Higher Visibiity colours to be achieved for the introduction of Australian Standard 1906.4:2010 HighVisibility Materials for Safety Garments and latest design of garments with Australian Standards 4602:2011. Our company advised and issued comment to the standards committee of the necessity for special use fabrics to be high visibility non-fluorescent colours -which allowed us to introduce a Safety Yellow Cotton fabric non-fluoro with a luminance factor above the minimum requirement to pass the new standard and with the maximum Sun Protection Rating. These fabrics and garments were not available before this time and are used where synthetic blended fabrics would not be safe or acceptable for various work activities.

Shirts: Our company has introduced temperature sensitive smart fabrics to combat the effects of climate change. The wearer can now take advantage of regulated body moisture release simply because they are wearing the New Cell-tec Thermodyn or Cell-tec Eco Bamboo rich shirts. This is a world first as these fibre combinations have not been used before in garments for the Safety industry. We do not over compensate with chemicals to achieve maximum comfort through moisture control, but simply rely on the innovation of nature-blending the balance of Bamboo and other Re-generated cellulose fibres.


Transit Safety and Children: Our company has combined our Workwear experience with High Visibility to offer Clothing and accessories for smaller people when they commute to and from school, sport or leisure. Adults have the advantage of Visible Protection under government legislation so they can be seen by traffic and machinery, so why not afford our Children the same Visible Protection .This gives rise to our New division SAFETY4U.com.au e-commerce online shop or i-shop which allows anyone to access these products.

Garment Design: We introduced the air-flow drop shoulder style polo shirt,3/4 sleeves on shirts, knee length light weight industrial shorts ,light weight long industrial track pants, drill polo shirts etc.

We continue to develop New and Improved products-the Next is just about to Arrive!!!